In 1974, Emanuel Spitieris, having years of experience in the field of Chemical Etching, decides to open a small company named ''Tsigografiki'' (Zinc-Etching in Greek) in Kallithea (an industrial suburb of Athens), with his two sons Michael and Elias.

With their unique craftsmanship and know-how, business was booming.
Unfortunately in August 1, 1980 the elder brother of the family Michael dies, during his military service.
In October 4, 1985 Emanuel Spitieris retires, passing the company on his younger son, Elias.

In 1986, having the growth of the company in mind, Elias takes his first business trip to Dusseldorf (Germany), host of largest graphic arts exhibition in the world.(Wanting to be informed about the newest innovations in the field of graphic arts, he has not missed an exhibition since.)
During the same year, he installs the first computer built for personal use (IBM XT 286). The company was already equipped with a Repromaster camera and by the early 90’s, he owned one of the most advanced graphic arts studio and chemical etching laboratory in Athens!
His passion for perfecting the prepressing and the fast technological evolution was the reason he never stopped investing.

In 2006 the company’s name changed to ‘’Etch n’ Print’’ and was already one of the most respectable companies in Greece.
In the last 4 years the two sons of Elias Emanuel and Stelios, having finished with their studies and military obligations are in their fathers’ side.

Despite the great recession in Europe our company is still growing.
Having brought for the first time in Greece the multi-level embossing technique (combination dies) and being the 6th company in the world that can produce cliches for combination dies, we are now, after years of hard work and research, the top prepressing company in Greece.
The company is now known as ‘’Spitieri Cliche’’.
The name is of little importance.
Respect towards customers, efficiency and a promise for revolutionary printing results, is what defines us.
Spitieri Cliche History
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